One Llama brings its audio-based artificial intelligence to mobile and wearable devices.

The Llama can be configured to to detect tastes and nuanced patterns, finding connections so deep and subconscious that it can help anticipate and predict what's most unpredictable -- real-life situations including human behavior and sensibility.

Our finely tuned machine learning techniques are the closest thing technology has to flesh-and-blood judgment you can trust. No mindless bot, the discerning Llama can size-up your environment and present you with highly intelligent suggestions that help narrow down similarities and patterns from an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Founded by some of the world's leading experts in machine learning and semantic web, One Llama offers unique audio-sensing functionality to real-life situations.

Audio Intelligence for Wearable and Mobile Devices.

One Llama's Artificial Ear, a cornerstone of our machine learning system, extracts hundreds of audio (and musical) features from the surroundings. Combined with machine learning and collaborative filtering techniques, we bring audio smarts to any device ranging from smartphones, watches, activity cameras, fitness monitors, and other wearables

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Mar 26, 2014
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